Cyber Peacekeeping


Cyber Peacekeeping (CPK) is defined as cyber conflict prevention, mitigation, aftermath containment and rehabilitation with a focus on conflict de-escalation and civilian security.

We are a researchers from around the world that see the growing issue of cyber warfare, and believe that the world should be planning on how to make peace. Many countries now have an active cyber military that affect government as well as civilian infrastructure. Few countries, however, are talking about how to mitigate negative effects of cyber warfare, protect civilians and prevent cyber conflict from escelating physical conflict.


Nikolay and Joshua have been working on the concept of Cyber Peacekeeping since 2013, when they met at the Global Conference on Cyber Space in Seoul, South Korea. Since then they have published several papers on the subject, given presentations in many countries and are actively seeking more collaboration.

Nikolay Akatyev

Nikolay’s research focus is digital forensics, security of IoT systems and international relations in cyberspace. Currently, Nikolay is VP of Engineering at Horangi Cyber Security. Nikolay mentors at the “Best of the Best” security education program in South Korea, and manages the community of international tech enthusiasts, Seoul Tech Society.

  • email: nikolay.akatyev+2018 [at]
  • twitter: @kolyaak
  • linkedin: nikolayakatyev

Joshua I. James

Joshua is an Adjunct Professor with the Legal Informatics and Forensic Science Institute at Hallym University. He is also a consultant with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime focusing on Cybercrime Investigation Training and Mutual Legal Assistance issues. His research focus area is event reconstruction in post-mortem digital investigations.